New Volume of An Oral History of the Church!

If you followed along with Jonathan and I over the last 7 or 8 months, you know that we launched a podcast that performed a study of the campus sale/relocation of Gateway Seminary of the Southern Baptist Convention (nee Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary). That study finished at the end of September.

But now, a new study rises! (Insert sufficiently dramatic music) Volume 2 of An Oral History of the Church is in pursuit of the question, “What is history?” We look at all things historiography – how history is considered, how it is written, and how it is ultimately applied to ethics (both political and personal).

Episode 1 is available here by direct download or here on YouTube. Please subscribe so you can make sure to get easy access to every episode. You can grab it via iTunes, most other podcast apps, and of course our YouTube channel.


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