Final Episode of the GGBTS Campus Relocation Project

It’s true! The Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary Campus Relocation Project (hang on….let me catch my breath….whew….) is now complete. As an initial volume of An Oral History of the Church, we feel really good about it.

We accomplished what we set out to do.

  • Record the perspectives of seminary-related people on and around the Mill Valley campus as it affects them.
  • Record anecdotal stories about the people involved on the seminary side of the campus sale and relocation.
  • Capture a glimpse at what, or who, the seminary was during this period in her history.

If you want to catch the final episode, you can click here, or here. You can subscribe on iTunes, most other podcast apps, or YouTube. Thank you to everyone who listened to any of the episodes, and thank you for sharing them with others.

I want to thank my friend and co-host Jonathan McCormick for all the work he put in on this project with me. We did it, man. We finished it. I also want to thank everyone who managed to make the time to sit down with us and allowed us to share their stories. Finally, I want to thank Dr. Jeff Iorg who gave Jonathan and I his blessing on the project and encouragement to see it done.


If you listen to the end of the final episode, you’ll hear Jonathan and I announce the topics and release dates for the next TWO volumes of An Oral History of the Church.


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