Episode 13 of An Oral History of the Church, Volume 1

We’re back with a brand new addition, an interview with GGBTS alumnus Marc Jantomaso! Marc is a church planter whose story demonstrates the kind of grounded, hard-working ministry you can see exhibited in seminary student after seminary student. We think you’ll enjoy his story.

The audio on this episode is a bit different. We recorded Marc by phone, and we also recorded our bookend commentary by phone, so you’ll notice a difference this time around.

Permalink (mp3): http://oralhistoryofthechurch.libsyn.com/vol-1-ep-13-marc-jantomaso

YouTube (with pictures!): https://youtu.be/45yHNEvKp0Y

The next episode is with Dr. Brice Butler, two-time alumnus of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary and senior pastor of Tiburon Baptist Church, a congregation local to the Mill Valley campus recently sold by the seminary. That episode comes out on Friday, August 26th. You’ll want to subscribe on iTunes, or another podcast app, or on YouTube so you don’t miss the final set of episodes in this study!


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