Episode 7 of An Oral History of the Church – The Podcast Awakens

Jonathan and I had a good, long chat with Katie and Dr. Kent Philpott from Miller Avenue Baptist Church in Mill Valley, CA about their experiences with Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary and their perspectives on the relationship between the seminary and its neighbors in Marin County. This episode marks our first with a pair of interviewees; in this case, a married couple.

The Philpotts own and operate Earthen Vessel Publishing, which produces a wide variety of quality works on the basics of Christianity, as well as Islam, Santeria, the Jesus People movement of the 20th century, and more. Visit them here: http://evpbooks.com/

There are a few hiccups in the audio of this interview, and for that, we apologize. Please bear with us, as the Philpotts’ story is a helpful and needed one.

You can download it on iTunes, most other podcast apps, or you can listen to it on YouTube right here: https://youtu.be/kCuA_JJ5fDg



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