A Beginning

Yes, dear theoretical reader, this is yet another blog by a young biblical theologian with, perhaps, a chip on his shoulder.

(I think it’s a jalapeno chip. I’ll check later.)

With so many blogs on the internet, and with so many already focused on theology, you might wonder, “Why add yours to the mix?”

I’m glad you asked!

Please understand that I harbor no illusions that any more than three users will visit this site beyond myself – and all three of those are probably Google’s spider-bots crawling over my page for keywords. While the format of the writing will bend towards communicating with a reader, the purpose is to hone my own writing and create a place where I can stockpile it over the years. Someday, I’ll be able to look back at all I’ve written, point my kids towards it with one index finger, and delete it with the other.

The contents of this blog will be few, but varied. I intend to write on theological issues inspired by various origins (personal life, current academic study, current events, etc), as well as some on gaming (as it is one of my hobbies), the rare word study (including, but not limited to, Koine Greek), and the occasional short fiction (varying from poetry to multi-chapter short stories). As I come across significant/interesting articles and links, I’ll also recommend those through short posts.

Who knows what will happen along the way? Maybe I’ll become a 5 point Calvinist. Or maybe someone will convince me to play the disingenuously-named board game “Sorry” once more. Or maybe one of my short poems will take a reader from full wakefulness to REM sleep in a matter of seconds.

If there actually is a human reading this other than me, I hope you find it interesting, maybe even edifying, and – dare I say it – enjoyable.


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