Podcasts Update and Query

I haven’t written a blog post in over a month because I’ve been so focused on so many other tasks. But! I’m writing one today to let anyone who missed it know the current state of the two podcasts I co-host.

An Oral History of the Church” has completed it’s second volume (season). We invested an 8-part study on historiography — the philosophy and process of writing history. You can get it on iTunes, Google Play, Podbean, Player FM, Blubrry, Podcast Addict, and any other app that aggregates from those sources. You can also listen on our YouTube channel, though there are no photographs to accompany the videos like for our first volume. (To find the direct download of the first episode, CLICK HERE.)

Volume Three comes out in July, and its focus is on the Lutheran wing of the Protestant Reformation, continuing through the end of 2017.

Saints Gone Before” is our audiobook podcast presenting classic texts from across the length and breadth of church history, and we’ve already released a dozen episodes! We put a new one out every Monday. If you haven’t tried it, the episode format is very simple. We introduce the text, give a brief mention of its historical context, list the source of the text, then we read it. When the text (or section of text, as the case may be) is over, we announce the next episode’s subject, give the credits and contact info, and play you out with the theme song.

Some of my personal favorite texts so far have been The Didache (parts one and two), The Schleitheim Confession, and Martin Luther’s Concerning Christian Liberty (part one of five).

If you already listen to Saints Gone Before, what has been your favorite text(s) so far? Do you have any suggestions for something we could read on the podcast?


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