New Podcast Begins in 3 Weeks!

That’s, um.

That’s pretty much it.

But if you’re interested in those precious DEETS (details, ya know…don’t you love it when jokes are explained?)…

Jonathan McCormick and I have begun work on a podcast called “An Oral History of the Church.” Overall, the podcast will be a conversational walk through various events, movements, and persons in the history of the Christian church. We are taking a topical approach on our subject matter. In addition, we’ll be releasing the podcast as seasons (which we’ll call ‘volumes’ because we can – THIS IS AMERICA!), and each volume will release episodes on a weekly basis.

The first volume is a project where we present an oral history of the campus relocation of our alma mater, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary. They are moving their main campus from Mill Valley, CA to a new site and building in Ontario, CA in June of this year. We have interviews recorded and scheduled to be recorded with past and present students, faculty, staff, and administration, as well as neighboring church members and pastors.

For more information on the focus of this project, what an oral history even *is* in the first place, our methodology, who we are, and what we hope to experience in this project, please take a listen to our preface to the project, episode 0. Our current distribution platform is YouTube, but we plan to also put it out through traditional podcasting platforms in the future. Please subscribe and share with your friends. We’re collecting some pretty interesting conversations with some pretty interesting people as we get a look at what this relocation looks like here on the ground at GGBTS.


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