Returning in May

Maybe only the Google bots noticed, but the frequency of the posts here has dwindled of late. I am well into my Spring term, neck deep in paper writing, Hosea translating, researching on teaching adults, and other unspeakable projects (ok, maybe not so unspeakable: I’m taking Reading French, too).

I will return with more posts in the month of May, continuing my series on interpreting the Bible to give you tools and concepts whenever you’re reading the Bible – whether that’s during your personal devotional time, in a Bible study, or preparing to teach or preach a passage of Scripture. Following that series, I’m still considering how to order future topics. I plan to present studies on a subject in the Epistle to the Hebrews as well as the book of Hosea.

Any opinions on which you would rather read first?


And on that note, the ravages of parenting small children in the 2010’s require me to post this, as well.


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